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Tax Evasion = Illegal, at the Felony Level; Legal Tax Avoidance = A Reason to Celebrate!


Have you ever felt like maybe you’re doing something wrong by claiming certain expenses?

Sound familiar?  Did it make you anxious, and give you that weird rock-in-the-belly feeling?

Let me tell you something here.

You are not alone.

The tax code is fraught with uncertainty.

In my humble opinion, not backed up by anything in writing from our federal gov’t of course…

…it’s hopelessly complicated to throw the typical taxpayer off balance.

We elect a total of 535 people in state elections across our great land to basically obfuscate the method with which we get our pockets continuously picked. 

Even entrepreneurs pay all year long. 

Or else, even worse, they just choose to make a once a year mandatory donation to the Ultimate Sugardaddy (U.S., for short)…

…and pay even more because they DIDN’T make quarterly payments!

I tell new, existing clients all the time that it’s as complicated as the health care insurance system.

(I actually left behind a position as a medical claims support customer service agent, so I speak from a little bit of experience here).

So, here’s my question for you, gentle-taxpayer, on this beautiful sunny post-Christmas day:

Why cough up a PENNY more than you absolutely have to?

It is NOT illegal, or even questionably moral, to obtain the best result possible on your tax return.

And pay the least amount of tax possible.

All within the constraints of the law, of course. 

I LOVE doing this for people! 

Entrepreneurs, we have one big shiny last chance to make a good estimation of what we’ll owe in April.

One, the year is ending. In 6 days!

You’re going to know your numbers for 2020 definitely, not just estimating any more.

If you will owe several thousand dollars in April, and pay most or all of it by January 15th…

…you’ll avoid several hundred dollars in additional underpayment penalty.

Then, two more things.

Figuring out exactly what is, and what is not, deductible for expenses…

…and maybe even legally saving thousands of excess dollars by considering S Corporation status.

Legal tax avoidance = yummy juicy tax saving goodness 

2021 is going to be an incredible year.  I just KNOW it!

Let’s make it even better by maximizing your spending potential.

Putting hundreds of dollars back into your own pocket for yourself and your family EVERY MONTH.

Want to learn more?

That first call is always free!

Let’s do this!


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