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Winning at Business & Taxes

Winning, or losing.

Are these not the two possible outcomes, in game theory?

Do you think I mean that running a business is a game?

Something to play at?

What if we fail, on some level..

…have we lost, if we have a setback?

When the third thing you couldn’t handle happens in the same day, and you’re at your wit’s end?

I say this, and I’m not the first:

You only lose if, or when, you quit.

Have you ever heard that story about Michael Jordan getting cut from his high school varsity?

Did he quit?

Not so much.

Winning, then, can be said to be a condition that occurs when one prevails.

Like Busta Rhymes said in the 90’s, “I refuse to lose!”

Now, you may be thinking…

…isn’t business serious?  Don’t people’s livelihoods, and lives, depend on it?

What is all this talk of treating it like a game?

Haven’t you ever heard the term, “serious business.”

As in, “This is serious business!”

Can you even afford to look at it from a game perspective?

Oh, hell yeah, you can!

You just HAVE to have been in the room someplace, sometime, somewhere you were working when somebody casually tossed out the inevitable sports metaphor.

“We’re going to carry this ball into the end zone.”

“Don’t watch the pitch as it sails by.”

“Sometimes ya gotta swing for the fences.”

The reason we use these terms is because they invoke imagery.

We understand what you mean when you say them.

So sure, business can have an element of play.

Sportsmen-like conduct.

And yes, the thrill of victory.

For us, winning at business is the science of making more money than you spend.

Factoring in three major cost categories: the cost of labor and materials, the other expenses necessary to circulate life-blood through the business.

And yes, taxes.

Always taxes.  You have to plan either to pay them willingly, or save on them through legitimate means.

Most desirably, a perfect blend of the two.

By winning at both business and taxes you come away with the ability to feed yourself and your family.

To change your part of the world for the better by providing your unique brand of service, or product offering.

And of course, to provide support for the economy by gainfully employing others in your enterprise.

Not to mention giving back. 

Because it is my heartfelt opinion that money is to be collected in a net, not a bucket.

You have to let a little through, to help those in need.

Family, friends, or strangers – money is simply a physical manifestation of your abundance mindset.

A way we show our gratitude for good service, or just for the love of giving.

For ourselves, for family, for a little slice of the world.

Because there is no shortage of money.  Now, more than ever, it is a form of energy.

Winning at business, looked at through this lens, becomes a responsibility.

Plus, winning at both business and taxes feels good, like pulling off a victory at the buzzer.

To conclude, do you believe we have provided you with the answer?

I’d say if you’re grateful, and always get up one more time than you fall, you’re most of the way there already.

Set a goal, make a plan for that goal, take massive action…

Rinse.  Repeat. 

Refuse to lose.

While you’re at it, come join our newly-renamed Facebook group,

Winning at Business & Taxes.

Because every great player has an entire cast of supporting characters.

Coaches.  Trainers.  Mentors.  And trusted peers.

We may not have all the answers, but we do have a free place to ask the questions.

Come – let’s get this game started, why don’t we? 

If you’re already a member?  Share your successes, and ask your questions.

Here’s to every single one of us, winning!

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